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Hey, I'm Sabrina!


I want to help you design a beautiful event to wow your guests! Our team works hard to create beautiful designs that will transform any space. 


 A little extra creativity can make a huge difference and take the ordinary out of anything. We know that the small details do matter and that extra effort can easily spread joy. 

One of my favorite hobbies has always been decorating and planning memorable events for my family and friends ones. The joy that would come across their face when they saw their vision come to life was so rewarding. I want to spread that same joy to more people and help others create unforgettable memories.

We know that...

The Goal 

You want a party that is memorable for you and your guests.

You want an event that is going to spread joy.

You don't want to deal with all the stress of decorating for your event.

​But we all know that it can be difficult to enjoy the moment when you are planning all the details for an event. It can get frustrating, overwhelming, and leave you drained before your event even starts.


Decor by Sabrina is here to help you with your decor and design needs, so you can enjoy the day and most importantly relax! Our commitment is to give you the quality and valuable service you deserve.

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