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Your Questions Answered

What services do you provide? 

Decor by Sabrina is an event decoration and design business. We are decorators and designers that help our clients develop the overall aesthetic of their event. We provide balloon decorations, floral designs, and other decorative items needed to bring the vision to life. 

We are not full-service planners. However, we are more than happy to refer our clients to our preferred caterers, bakers, photographers, or other types of services that they may need. 

How do I reserve my date? 

Paying your deposit is the only way to secure your desire date and time for your social event. 

After you complete the consultation form, you will then be provided with a detailed invoice with the price of the services. The deposit is 50% of the services. I will hold your date for 3 days after sending you the invoice.

How far in advance should I book?

We recommend around 1-2 months in advance. This will ensure that your date is secured and will allow us enough time to prepare for your event. For smaller designs and decoration setups, less than one month in advance is typically enough time. Please note that booking in 2 weeks or less of your event will result in a rush charge.  


Once we have a clear understanding of what services we will be providing then we can give you an accurate estimate on how much time we will need to prepare. 

What is the delivery price? 

We are based in Marietta, GA 30008. The delivery price is based on mileage to your venue from our base location and if rental items are needed for your service. We will be able to give you the exact quote for your delivery once we know more about the event.

If you are willing to drop off rental items to reduce your delivery fee, we are more than happy to accommodate that. 

Do you charge for rental items? 

Yes, depending on what items you are renting there is a rental fee that will be included in the service fee.

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